Bad coffees vs. blooming flowers- which one is your direction towards?

Some days are like the coffee you keep drinking despite the bad taste. Some days are like flowers that you see blooming…And, always remember: you will have lousy coffee and blooming flowers. We call it LIFE. As said, life is a roller coaster. It does not have any routine. There are always a lot of lows and highs. When you take the ride on a roller coaster, you do not think that it will go down the hill forever, right? You assure yourself that it will go up. With that being said, you keep enjoying the ride from the beginning till the end. If you surround yourself with fear, would you enjoy that ride? The answer is obviously, ‘No.’

Let’s take it from a different perspective. Assume you were told that you would be eating your favorite dish every day for an extended period. Afterward, you would realize that your favorite dish would no longer be your favorite one. As we see in every part of life, everything becomes beautiful only with its opposite. Hardship always comes with ease as the  Sun replaces dark or spring replaces winter. We do not have perfect days all the time. You plan something, and it does not work out most of the time. Let’s consider babies; if they stopped trying, would they ever start walking? Of course, no. When I find myself out of answers, I always pause and look around to find something that could take me out of the outgoing issues. And at that time, I keep telling myself that my biggest regret would come when I stopped trying. You could go through so many difficulties. At the most delicate point, you even want to give up. All the circumstances and people try to drain all your energy. But in conditions worse than yours, witnessing more delicate people, giving up would be a luxury for us. Instead of what Travis says, “why does it always rain on me?”  you gotta keep saying, “IT IS NOT IN MY BLOOD,” like Shawn. For me, the definition of failure in every aspect of life is not the same as how most take it. Instead, it is redirecting your focus, taking lessons from the circumstances,  finding your joy within, and not giving up even if cases are beyond your control. Then you realize you are going out of your comfort zone, finding the confidence and new abilities within you. You start to enjoy your ride, discovering how much you are capable of certain things. Ultimately, you see that everything ends up working out for you. Just believe in where you are headed.  You eventually notice the big picture. And remember, we will keep having coffees with bad taste; just do not let the taste stop you from enjoying the roller coaster. 

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