You define yourself!

00.12 am (CT): Lost in thoughts, training my mindset to refocus on the good. I am asking myself the purpose of my life. Pursuit of success? The pursuit of self-love? Pursuit of happiness? All indeed serves to define who you are at the end of your journey. The actions that we take to define who we are, not the people with whom we are surrounded. The more you experience, the more you will learn throughout your journey. The more you push your limits, the more you will become the best version of yourself. Your charisma should not be the reflection of what the rest would want to see in you. Yes, we all experience challenging times in life. Yes, we all feel down mostly, considering the circumstances we have been getting through or because of the empathy for others who have difficult times in their life. As I said, actions define us. If we want to fulfill our life with the good, why do we surround ourselves with thoughts attacking us continuously and limiting our capacity? We should not let others define our identity, the reasons, the outcomes throughout our journey. Along the way, we decide if we should add the good or the bad in our backpacks to keep our mental weight on board. Remember, life is just a movie, and we have the good and the mean characters in it, yet who is the main character in your life? It is you, only you. This role was given to you once, meaning there is no second chance… Either you play it well or mess it up. The spotlight is on you. Who is directing your movie is also you! The audience who care the most is, again, you. If you want the audience to enjoy the movie from the very first scene till the final one, you have to direct it well and play the leading role well, being so present. You are the one who has to master it. It is coming from human nature; sometimes we feel that we lose our track, stuck in nowhere, but remember, if this happens, you switch to the minor role and let the others drag you to the direction wherever they wish you to take it. How would you feel in the end? Wouldn’t you be desperate to be a minority in your own movie? You have to tell yourself that you only know the beginning of the movie, not the duration. So why wasting time on things that are out of your hands. Your happiness comes from your inner self, your actions, not from others. You have to set your mindset to get your life fulfilled. This is a note to self as well as a light for others who need a reminder…

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