Searching for the Good

You are walking, walking, walking and searching for the good. The good that heals you and others along the way. As you approach, your excitement gets amplified. Since, you know that, all your efforts will pay off at the end of the day. What makes you happy is not finding the good actually, but your journey through it. You feel exhausted, tired, and you try different ways to get there. Throughout your journey, you explore yourself in deed: how resilient you are to fight against the voice in your head that keeps telling you that you cannot succeed. As you try hard, the voice gets louder and louder: “You are alone, you cannot get there, and you are stuck”… Of course, you are human and you have emotions, this perhaps makes you look at the negative side of the situation and makes you forget the ultimate goal for a second. Yet, remember, you are resilient, and you are the only power to reach out to the good you have been searching for so long. It is like a looong trip in a desert searching for a little water accumulation. As the dust touches your face and the wind forces you move in reverse direction, you keep walking and resist not to fall back. And finally, you see little water just a couple of steps away. You get excited, you feel your heart skips a beat. Then, out of the blue, you hear the music which makes you fill with full of peace in every inch of your molecules in your body. But wait, all of a sudden, a hand grabs you, and throws you backwards hundreds of miles away and you find yourself at the starting point. All of your desires, efforts, risks you took, are gone in seconds. Everything flips upside down. Now, the voice in your head, tells you: “I was right, you did not listen to me, now see all of your efforts are gone, it was a waste of time, and do not even think to give it a shot one more time”. Of course, you need to give yourself sufficient time to get through this hard situation. Will it ever stop you to try once again, will it ever stop you to take the same journey even if you feel you are at point zero? No, it will not, and it should not. Remember, Einsteins, Beethovens, Elon Musks, and countless successful people out there who are still making breakthrough in our world. They succeeded despite anyone, anything that tried to push them backward. If they had thought, “well, I do not have enough energy even to stand up and go all the way to reach out to the water which is thousands of miles away”, they would not have been where they are right now. As a consequence, although you fall thousand times, you still have the power to stand up thousand times. If you can dream it, you can do it and make others and specifically the voice in your head prove that they are wrong. Lotta Love!!

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