I Think I Know This Song

I was in Vienna with my close friends. It was the first time that I have been to there. I think it was the first day of the trip to Vienna. We walked a lot all day. Then, we went to a park to have a look at and to chill a bit. It was a lovely sunny spring day. There were many people around. I was having a conversation with my  friends and behind of us two girls were playing violins. I really love listening to violin. I was talking and also I was thinking because the music was very familiar to me. My brain was a bit confused. I was in the middle of a park in Vienna, talking in English and hearing in German. I said to my friend next to me I know this melody from somewhere and it is like I heard it a lot before. I continued talking to my friends, but also thinking the music on the background. Finally, I remembered the song. It was the song that is called ‘Üsküdara Gideriken’. Then, I went to the girls and asked them how they knew this song. They told me their music teacher gave the notes of this song to them and he is not turkish. I was very surprised because it is an old  song and I am told by them that their teacher is not turkish. Anyway, I found myself singing the song while they were playing. Later, I  told them it is really an old song and I translated the lyrics of it to them.

I have heard a lot of turkish when I was in Europe, but I had not heard any turkish music until that time in Vienna with violin . It is really  wonderful feeling to hear a song that you are used to listening to besides  knowing  the lyrics and melody very well. That day, I understood that how it can be missed to sing and to listen to music in your own language.

I can never forget that feeling That I have felt on that day because I could see that how the basic things can be very important to remind you where you are coming from and actually how much you belong to thereYou can easily understand how your mother tongue can be effective on you and on your feelings. In some foreign languages, to recognize your own language and even the songs in your mother tongue is a different feeling that I am not able to write down it and makes you to think deeply about it.

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