Have you ever thought about this ?

Obviously no one is equal. But, at least somethings could be fair .  Women have been treated  unfairly since years in Turkey. This has changed in some countries, but in conservative and islamic countries , their culture still cultivates a narrow minded view of women. If you are a woman, you should not laugh loudly in  public even laughing laudly , a basic right enjoyed by men, is in a way forbidden to women in public, by fear of contempt.You should not wear very short clothes. You must not be too friendly to the guys as this could be observed as flirtatious. Any Turkish woman could  continue this list of sexist cultural pressures. Above all of these , you must protect your virginity, otherwise you are not an honorable lady. And because of this, you can be killed by your father,your brother or even by your own husband who should be the protector and security of his wife. If you are not killed, you can have to  be single forever  as no one should notice it! Because if you are not a virgin, you are a second hand somebody, a broken object and even from a saying in Turkish, you’re not zero kilometers. Yes, right! This is right because you are not a human, you are an object that belongs to someone. This isn’t new to you but I want you to have a vision is mind of how amazing it could be to have women treated the same way as men. In some other countries the guys are  even not able to understand why a man would want a virgin wife. Yes, they are not able to understand the situation and the reason very well because in their culture they are not used to this! Since women are seen as humans in their countries.Because it is insane to be killed or judged by especially men who have many sexual experiences with many women! Men sleep with women and there is no problem, but why is the reverse  a problem? Are those not you who sleep with women ? (!)

Did you guys even ask this question to yourself?

How can it be a reason to be killed?

Do you think it is fair to be treated like this ?

Have you ever thought how it could be to see your sister, your wife, your daughter, your girlfriend and your female friends as equal to yourself?

Or have you ever thought that only difference between men and women is their gender ?

Can you imagine that a woman is telling you that you are a  thirtieth hand guy , 30000 km and you are used a lot , so she does not  want you because you are not really honorable ?

Please think about it! Maybe we can level up all together!

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